Waterproofing Tips
Waterproofing Tips
January 2, 2017
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Shower Pressure Hassle Stop
January 31, 2017
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Shut Off Tips

Shut on/off tips

The Basics about the Shut Offs

Being a home owner, it is quite possible that you may have to deal with many plumbing issues daily. Some of them can be minor and some can be critical such as dripping taps, leaking pipes, damaged bathtub, slow toilet and so on. In order to tackle with the emergency situations, a lay man should know about little tips that can save your money and time wisely. Let us discuss some basic tips with you that mostly clients ask to our local plumbers in Virginia Beach to avoid damages when they are confronting a plumbing emergency.
Whether the emergency is minor or serious, the first thing is to keep your mind in place. If you will stable sensibly, you would be take precautionary measures carefully.

Water Shut Off Valve

In an emergency, the first thing you have a go at is the main hose bib. It is the main supply of water to all your property. If you have municipal water connection the hose bib is usually found near the water meter. Locate the valve and turn it off. This will help you to avoid flooding situation and move on to next safety measure. After this call your nearby plumbers in Virginia Beach.

Gas Shut Offselecplb

Gas is a basic need of every house. Although it relieves our lives, it can be dangerous as well if you are not cautious about its usage. Any leakage in the gas line can be detected due to its distinct smell. If you find any unpleasant odor indicating gas leakage. Do Not lit up fire at all. Immediately check out the shut off valve that is usually located near the gas meter and turn it off. If the leakage is in kitchen, open the kitchen window or turn on exhaust fan. After these steps, call you nearby local plumbers Virginia Beach or ask us for a referral.


Electricity Power Shut Offs

Every house has electrical appliances and wiring for many purposes. Both have the power sources. The wires used for the electrical purpose should always be of god quality. Since emergencies can happen at any time, you must have basic tools to deal with small electrical problems and save a nearby plumber and electrician in you cell phone. In case of any electrical emergency, just locate the main circuit and shut the power off. Trying to deal with electricity can be dangerous, always seek assistance of a reliable electrician. For more information ask Plumbers in Virginia Beach.